Meet the Homecoming Court

Cassie Labadie

Hometown: Tecumseh, Mich.

Major/Minor/Concentration(s): Mathematics major, political science minor, concentrations in Ford Institute and secondary education.

Involvements on campus: Member of Delta Gamma, with the Director of Electronic Communications position, president of Union Board, First Year Experience mentor, member of Gamma Sigma Alpha, Harrington Elementary mentor, tutor at the Quantative Skills Center.

“I feel myself, along with the other candidates, are active members within the Albion College Community,” Labadie said.  “As a member of the Albion College Community, I work hard towards making the most out of the opportunities that Albion College has provided me in a number of ways. If I were to be crowned Homecoming Queen, I would consider it an honor and privilege to represent Albion College in this manner.”

Sasha L. Dorsett

Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas

Major/Minor/Concentration(s): Biology major, Spanish minor.

Involvements on campus: President of the Black Student Alliance, senior resident assistant, member of Kappa Delta Sorority, Kids At Hope mentor, member of the Tri Beta Biology Fraternity, Member of Albion Interfaith—The Bridge, member of Students of Destiny.

“I think that I have a genuine passion to represent my college; I have realized that Albion is an excellent institution that not only provides students with a plethora of educational opportunities but Albion also creates a comfortable environment where students can learn life lessons, be mentored and make friends for life,” Dorsett said. “I think that I should be Homecoming Queen because I understand and I am able to demonstrate to others that Albion is an amazing experience that we as students are blessed to enjoy. I should be Albion’s Queen because I have pride in the quality educational experience that we have.”

Abby Schonfeld

Hometown: Brooklyn, Mich.

Major/Minor/Concentration(s): Anthropology and sociology major, French minor.

Involvements on campus: Member of Kappa Kappa Psi, involved with the Nwagni Project, member of Bitone, in the British Eight Marching Band, in the symphonic band, in the orchestra.

“I think that I should win Homecoming Queen because I represent a variety of different students on campus because of the diversity of my involvement,” Schonfeld said. “I am dedicated to and passionate about everything that I’m involved in, and I would love to represent all of the amazing people that I’ve met during my four years here.”

Sean Thorton

Hometown: Buchanan, Mich.

Major/Minor/Concentration(s): Economics and management major.

Involvements on campus: Member of the Honors Institute, senior vice president of Delta Sigma Pi, involved in the Nwagni Project, member of the Student Alumni Association.

“It would personally mean that I have spent my time at Albion as best as I could, not only to a degree that I have held for myself, but also to a level of excellence that the community of Albion College values and reveres highly,” Thorton said. “Through my time at Albion I have worked remarkably hard to demonstrate the significant effect the school has had on the development of my individual character.”

Bill Harder

Hometown: Port Huron, Mich.

Major/Minor/Concentration(s): Biology major, chemistry minor.

Involvements on campus: Assistant vice president of comedy for Union Board, academic chair of Delta Sigma Phi, president of Gamma Sigma Alpha, and member of Beta Beta Beta.

“I think that I would make a great candidate for Homecoming King because I feel that I embody the type of well-balanced student that Albion seeks to produce,” Harder said. “I have a blend of social, academic, and communication skills and experiences that suit me perfectly for the position of Homecoming King.”

Casey Hoffman

Hometown: Menominee, Mich.

Major/Minor/Concentration(s): Economics and management major, political science minor, concentrations in Gerstacker, Ford and Honors Institutes.

Involvements on campus: Resident assistant, Student Senate president.

“Being on Homecoming Court is an unexpected honor,” Hoffman said. “I’m thrilled just to be nominated. Any of the nominees would make a great Homecoming King—I’m excited to see who the student body picks.”

Keith Kaplan

Hometown: St. Charles, Ill.

Major/Minor/Concentration(s): Economics and management and communication studies double major.

Involvements on campus: Captain of men’s swim team, president of Canoe Club, president of Water Polo Club, member of Mortar Board, lead editor of Albionian, photographer for the communications department.

“From being a successful student at Albion, I feel like I am a well-rounded and unique person,” Kaplan said. “With the many activities I am involved with on campus, I have the image of a great role model at Albion. My involvement has given me a large network of people I can connect and relate with. Finally, with my friendly and outgoing personality I find myself easy to get to know and like.”

Hannah Koaches

Hometown: Midland, Mich.

Major/Minor/Concentration(s): Biochemistry major, cell and molecular biology minor, concentrations in Honors Institute and Institute for PreMedical Professions and Health Sciences.

Involvements on campus: President of Kappa Alpha Theta, First Year Seminar mentor, chemistry teaching assistant, head coordinator of the Health Education Youth Academy.

“From the timid, blotchy-eyed girl in my Albion One Card photo, I have grown into a strong presence on the Albion campus,” Koaches said. “Taking advantage of all the opportunities open to me has cultivated my undergraduate career into four years of service, involvement, and vision.  I have looked up to the individuals recognized as the Homecoming King and Queen for three years now, and I would love nothing more than to represent Albion to new students in the same way past students have done for me.”

Craig Schreiber

Hometown: Shelby Twp., Mich.

Major/Minor/Concentration(s): Biology major, chemistry and paleontology minors.

Involvements on campus: President of Tau Kappa Epsilon, vice president of Order of Omega, member of Gamma Sigma Alpha, member of Beta Beta Beta, Inter-Fraternity Council.

“I think I would be a good Homecoming King because I can portray what this campus does for the individuals who go here,” Schreiber said. “Aside from the excellent academics we have here at Albion, our campus size allows us to network socially and create connections with incredible ease. I know I have utilized this combination during my time here to maximize my education. I can represent that combination of communication skills and academics, while showing others what it takes to be successful. This campus has done so much for me and I want to give back to it any way I can. I can show people why they should come to Albion for their education.”

Hanah Papp

Hometown: Hartland, Mich.

Major/Minor/Concentration(s):  Public policy and sociology double major.

Involvements on campus: Member of Canoe Club, president of Alpha Xi Delta, member of Order of Omega, member of Gamma Sigma Alpha.

“Albion College has given me so many priceless memories, opportunities and experiences,” Papp said. “I have grown to be a confident and well-rounded young woman throughout my soon to be four years at Albion College. I would never be able to explain my gratitude toward every student, faculty, and staff member that has shaped me and left a lasting impression on my life. Being Homecoming Queen, it would allow me the opportunity to give the thanks and recognition to this institution and community that made me the person I am today.”

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