Caffeine Deprivation Experiment: Day Two


I felt better today than I have in a very long time. I woke up this morning with energy, ready to start my day. My caffeine experiment has taken an unexpected detour; I am actually becoming more alert and focused. That, or my body has reverted to a state of mania.

I was so ridiculously awake this morning. On a normal day I would have no time before Pre-Calc, but today I had 10 minutes to spare. So I decided to briskly walk around Palenske Hall and check out the display boxes conveniently set up for loitering students. I had glanced at them previously, but today they seemed extra creative because of my current state of mind. Did you know that the TI SR-50 was Texas Instruments’ first graphing calculator released in 1973 with trigonometric and logarithmic functions? It’s amazing since we discovered fire somewhere in the 1960s and created the wheel a few years after that.

Later in the day was no different. Right after lunch I had my first-year seminar, Ancient Faith, Modern World. Again, I showed up way too early. I was prepared this time though; I brought an apple to munch on. While I took bites out of the apple, I couldn’t stop thinking about how great the apple tasted. I couldn’t believe I had actually gotten something good from Baldwin. I started to say things like, “This apple is fantastic!” I commented on the apple’s lovely shade of green, its divine shape, and its flawless waxy texture. This may have freaked out some of my friends—I’m not sure. No one said anything though, and for 10 minutes into the lecture period all I could think about was fruit.

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