Gone Fishing— Letter from the editor

Today at 5:00, the publishing of articles by Pleiad staff members will discontinue until classes begin for the fall 2010 semester. This also means that any comments posted on the Web site will not be approved or made public until regular Pleiad operations resume in August.

For The Pleiad, summer publishing was a first. Albion alumnus and spring 2010 Pleiad managing editor, Lisa Hoehn, worked with me in the spring to cover what began as a news article about administration denying our staff summer publication, and ended with a dialogue on student reporters’ rights, and the right to publish content until June 15.

With a skeleton staff consisting of editor in chief, copy editor and reporter, as well as the support of an adviser, we worked to continue our student coverage of the Board of Trustees mandate (and also finish other news articles that were put on the back burner because of it).

The date to end publication was decided upon mutually by Pleiad staff and Media Board.

While some of us may really be fishing, Pleiad staff members are also involved with an array of other journalism internships and jobs, which were precariously juggled during our publication extension.

I hope you enjoyed our change in tradition. Please visit again in the fall to see what the Pleiad staff and Albion community is up to. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions I can be contacted at mwb10@albion.edu.

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