Zero-tolerance for Jaywalkers — ADPS will find you and fine you

Use the crosswalk—or your checkbook may regret it.

On April 9, the Albion Department of Public Safety (ADPS) announced the Albion City Council had adopted  a zero-tolerance policy in enforcing local ordinances against jaywalking or walking in the street at inappropriate locations. Violators receive a $100 fine from ADPS. 

“It’s spring time and the snow’s gone; we usually see an increase (in violations) in the spring and in the summer, but this year the council decided we needed to take a more constructive stance with the issue,” said Eric Miller, chief of ADPS. 

Approximately 25-30 people have been cited since the zero-tolerance policy was initiated, according to Eric Miller, chief of the Albion Department of Public Safety.

Timothy Jones, Cleveland, Ohio sophomore, received a fine when he was crossing a street near the library that he said had no designated crosswalk.

“It was completely unnecessary to address me the way the officer did,” Jones said. “He called for three police vehicles, and I find it offensive that they (ADPS) use their resources in that way when the city is ridden with crime.”

Jones said he plans to appeal the citation.

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