Tiger Vision — Golf team checks into rehab

Men’s golf coach Chip Sandtrap has always believed that understanding the mental aspect of the game is important for achieving success in golf. So when his team encountered an eight match losing streak midway through the fall season, he decided to pull his athletes off the course and into a rehabilitation center.

On October 23, Sandtrap checked his team into the Narconon drug rehabilitation clinic in Albion. He noticed similar trends between his players and the recent issues professional golfer Tiger Woods has experienced with his sex addiction. Sandtrap decided that following the lead of golf’s most successful star would be the best way to realign the focus of his team on the course.

“Our players aren’t really addicted to drugs or sex,” Sandtrap said. “But I believe in the advantages that rehabilitation has with mental security, and that it would help our players become more confident with their shots on the course.”

Sandtrap’s players were slightly skeptical when he introduced the idea. They believed that just because the method works for a professional athlete does not mean that it would work for their team.

“It’s Tiger FREAKIN’ Woods for crying out loud. He could lose both legs and still be the best golfer on the tour,” said Shark Fadleman, Grosse Pointe senior.  “We, on the other hand, are still going to suck no matter what we may try to do to fix this slump.”

The team has checked into the clinic every Friday-Sunday for the past 18 weeks. Their first match of the spring season is scheduled for April 1, which will also mark the date that the team is officially done with their rehab program. Sandtrap is confident that the program will give his team the edge they need to not only win the tournament, but achieve overall success for the remainder of the spring season and throughout the fall.

“If it’s working for Tiger, it will work for us,” Sandtrap said.

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