Senior Engagements

Lindow and Lambdin

Bride-to-be: Ali Lindow of Canton

Groom-to-be: Will Lambdin of Rochester Hills

Together since: We have known each other for 10 years and have been dating for two.

How they met: Will and I met at a campground on Labor Day weekend in Durand, Mich.  His family was having a family reunion and my family was there for vacation.  Both his family and mine came back each year, and we stayed in touch in between camping trips.

The proposal: Will and I went to a fancy dinner on Dec. 12, and then went ice skating — it was perfect because of all the white lights.  We went around the ice rink and then went into the corner and he got down on one knee. He pulled out this beautiful ring and asked me to marry him!  His two sisters and my sister were hiding in the trees to take pictures and video tape the whole thing.  It was amazing to have family there to celebrate with us.

Wedding date: June 16, 2012

Funny, romantic or interesting story from your time together: Will and I love being outside.  Hiking is one of our hobbies, so last summer we went to Shenandoah National Park and Isle Royale to go backpacking.

Fellows and Bower

Bride-to-be: Mallory Fellows of Jenison

Groom-to-be: Ben Bower of West Bloomfield

Together since: Aug. 10, 2008

How they met: We lived together in the Fiske House two years ago in the Christian Living Community.  We never really hung out at all, and one night, he asked me to go out to the coffee house.  After that, everything seemed perfect.

The proposal: We moved back to school early for spring semester in January, and we went out to visit my horse, Blue.  While I was getting her ready and talking with him, I turned my attention to Blue. When I turned back around, he was on one knee (in the dirt and everything) holding my ring in his fingers, and he asked if I would marry him.  I said yes, of course.

Wedding date: June 2011

Funny, romantic or interesting story from your time together: The summer before we started dating, we were really interested and would talk every night on the phone.  I was working on Mackinac Island and he was living in Detroit so we didn’t get to see each other.  I decided that I would arrange a trip to surprise him on his birthday.  It was a crazy road trip down with my good friends.  When I arrived, his friend helped me sneak into his house.  Ben was playing his ukulele, and  I tapped him on the shoulder.  His face was priceless as he jumped up to say hello. That was a moment we will never forget.

Krocker and Emmorey

Bride-to-be: Sarah Krocker of Brighton

Groom-to-be: Ryan Emmorey of Brighton

Together since: July 2005

How they met: We met in high school.  One of our best friends introduced us and we have been together ever since.

The proposal: He proposed while we were on vacation looking for a future apartment because he got a job with Nestle in Wisconsin. We were walking in Cathedral Park in Milwaukee on Jan. 3, so it was all lit up with Christmas trees and decorations. After he got on one knee and put the ring on my finger, the church bells started ringing.

Wedding date: Dec. 17, 2010

Funny, romantic, or interesting story from your time together: One of my most memorable moments with Ryan was when we each saw glaciers for the first time while we were vacationing in Alaska and how beautiful all the scenery was.  We were so lucky to be able to share those times together.

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