Breaking News: Board of Trustees changes Faculty Handbook, effective immediately

On March 30, the Board of Trustees (BOT) amended the Faculty Handbook “in all ways necessary to permit the reduction of 15 full time equivalent (FTE) existing faculty positions, which may include tenured faculty positions, by the beginning of the 2010-2011 academic year,” according to a memo sent to faculty members by Paul Tobias, chair of the BOT.

The change became effective immediately, since the BOT considered it an emergency that the Board’s authority in the area be clarified, according to the memo.

Prior to the resolution, the BOT had rejected the March 18 faculty motion proposing the elimination of 15 FTE faculty positions be made only through non-renewal of adjunct and visiting professors’ contracts, voluntary early-retirement packages and natural attrition – not by cutting tenured and tenure-track faculty as had been originally mandated by the BOT

Changes to the Faculty Handbook can be proposed by the faculty including any committee of the faculty, the president, the chief academic officer or by the BOT. Before becoming effective, changes must be approved by Paul Tobias, chair of the BOT.

Proposed handbook changes are to be reviewed and considered by the faculty as a whole; however, BOT members have the final say if a disagreement arises.

Handbook changes usually take effect July 1 following their approval, unless of an emergency nature to mandate effect on an earlier date, according to the Faculty Handbook.

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  1. And what exactly were the changes? How is this a story if it doesn’t tell us what the changes were?

  2. Dear Alum–The ‘news’ is complete as given by the Board. They did not know what they would have to change! I don’t think that we know yet what they will unilaterally change.

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