Breaking News: Bill to amend Albion Charter of 1857 introduced

On March 18, Michigan Senators Randy Richardville (R) and Mike Nofs (R) introduced bill No.1232, legislation with intent to amend the Albion College Charter of 1857.

If passed, the bill would cause the college – not individual Board of Trustee (BOT) members – to assume all liability in the event of a lawsuit if the member was determined to be “acting in good faith,” according to section 7a of the bill. It would also include the addition of trustee term limits.

Six BOT positions currently reserved for members of the United Methodist Church including a resident bishop, ordained active ministers and designated laymen would also be eliminated. However, the bill reflects a continuing Methodist affiliation through the appointment of not more than six trustees by the United Methodist Church.

“I took great pains to get the Church’s blessing on the amendment,” said President Donna Randall.  “We deeply respect our Methodist heritage and value our current and a continuing relationship with the Church.”

Nofs and Richardville referred Bill no. 1232 to the Committee on Education. Richardville graduated from Albion College in 1981.

The bill is entitled, “An act amendatory to the several acts in relation to the Wesleyan Seminary at Albion, and the Albion Female Collegiate Institute,” which refers to the charter’s fusion of separate male and female colleges into one in 1857.

The Charter of Albion College was last amended 39 years ago.

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