Faculty Motion — Full text of the March 18 motion sent to the BOT

At the faculty meeting on March 18, the FSC presented a motion to the tenured and tenure-track faculty that, upon its passing, was presented to the Board of Trustees.  The motion was passed with 89 votes of yes, one vote of no and four abstentions.

“The motion represents a good faith effort by the faculty to address the BOT mandate,” said Thom Wilch, chair of the FSC and professor of geology, before the BOT’s decision regarding the resolution was announced. “It is our sincere hope that the BOT will carefully consider and accept our motion.”

FSC Motion for March 18 Faculty Meeting.

Whereas the Board of Trustees has mandated a reduction in the size of the faculty; and

Whereas the Board of Trustees has further mandated that recommendations from the administration and faculty shall, to the extent possible, consider input from relevant constituencies of the College and be otherwise consistent with the Faculty Handbook; and

Whereas the faculty asserts that the erosion of tenure and the elimination of tenured faculty positions will seriously impede the mission of the College both in the short term and over the long term; and

Whereas the Faculty Handbook charges C&RC with developing and evaluating academic programs and planning for contingencies to deal with changes resulting from projected enrollment trends;

Therefore, be it resolved that

  1. The faculty will formulate a strategy in keeping with the Faculty Handbook to reduce the number of FTE existing faculty positions this semester. These reductions will be identified only through natural attrition, early voluntary retirements and non-renewal of visiting and adjunct appointments. This strategy will be developed through a collaboration among academic department and program chairs, the C&RC, and the Provost, with full access to relevant data; and
  2. C&RC will begin a program review this semester in accordance with the Faculty Handbook, to be completed in the fall of 2010. The goal of this program review is to establish the appropriate size and diversity of programs in keeping with educational considerations and the liberal arts mission of the college, as well as the long-term implications of changes resulting from current and projected enrollment trends.

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