Shooting for the Comets

Intensity was the key for the men’s basketball team to end their four game losing streak on Wednesday in an 81-62 victory over Trine University. They will now hit the road on Feb. 6 for the MIAA match-up against the Kalamazoo College Hornets.

“We kept the intensity up for all 40 minutes during the game against Trine—that’s something that we didn’t do the four games before,” said Wayne Bond, Portage senior. “We’re going to have to keep that intensity up against Kalamazoo as well if we want to win.”

In their previous match-up, the Britons defeated Kalamazoo 64-55 at home. It is the Comets who will have the home court advantage for this game, and Bond believes the Comets’ advantage will play a more definite role in the outcome of the Saturday game.

“Nine points is too close for a win on our home court,” Bond said. “This time we are in their territory, playing on their court so it is definitely going to be a dog fight for the victory.”

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