Arctic Art

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The Albion College Empirical Niphametric Sculptures (ACENS) Society participated last month on Jan. 27-30 in a 48-hour snow sculpting competition in Frankenmuth, Mich. ACENS split up into two groups for the competition to make up two of 19 teams competing.

“After a while, you get a bad back and bad arms,” said Brandon Markle, sophomore and society president, who only slept on the first night of the competition. “It’s great though, because it’s this incredibly cohesive subculture where everyone helps each other work through it.”

Though neither team placed in the competition, their snow sculpting transferred to art students in the Art 271: Sculpting I class on campus, who created a snow sculpture exhibit behind Bobbit Auditorium.

Markle, who organized ACENS last fall to compete in sculpting competitions, built the wooden snow frames used by the class to create their statues of snow himself.

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