Service fraternity event brings record number of potential recruits

The Albion chapter of Alpha Phi Omega—a national service fraternity—will soon be helping more people than ever as the annual recruitment event on Feb. 4 drew a record 15 people  for the upcoming pledge class. Currently, the fraternity’s membership stands at 35.

 “We’re a network for service opportunities,” said Sara Papple, Holly junior and vice president of new membership. “(We) combine service and making it fun working together as a group. It’s all about giving back.”

 Service events take place both on campus and in the surrounding community, according to Jessie Baird, Palantine, Ill., junior and fraternity president.

“We take (Albion) students from the sixth grade over the Dow to do sports,” Baird said. “They hang out, get to go in the pool and get lunch.”

Alphi Phi Omega has another recruitment event scheduled on Feb. 9 at 8:30 pm in the KC living room. According to Papple, bids will be delivered in two weeks.

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