Still thinking-“Always Thinking” campaign examined

As Tom Wiseman, Ann Arbor sophomore, enters Olin Hall, he follows a long wall of Oscar Wilde, Rene Descartes, and Albert Einstein quotes to class, with each quote reminding him to do one thing: think.

Since its release this past semester, Albion’s new slogan has  become commonplace around campus. Well into its first fiscal year of use, admissions counselors and students have given insight as to how effective the college’s new look has been.

 “We really wanted something that was both clever and creative, two things that Albion students certainly are,” said Kevin Kropf, director of admissions. “A tagline such as this is not supposed to be a brand, but there’s evidence that it fits everyone here in some way.”

 Compared to last year, applications for the class of 2014 have gone up 61 percent, according to Kropf. In addition, out of state visits (from Ohio, Indiana, Chicago, Pennsylvania) have gone from 80 during last fall all the way towards 200 during this semester.

  Current students share their support and ambiguous feelings towards the highly regarded “Always Thinking.”

 “When I saw the banner unveiled, there was definitely a good first impression,” said Casey Hoffman, Menominee sophomore. “I think that it does a great job exemplifying what Albion students are; that is, always thinking. To me, the best part is that it paves way for the next generation of college students.”

 While many current and prospective students feel that “Always Thinking” is a fresh look for Albion, others perceive it as something that is strictly aesthetically pleasing.

 Rachel Lehr, Birmingham first-year, feels that the slogan is very intriguing; however, it had no effect on her when she was considering Albion for her education.

“If you ask me, a simple slogan doesn’t make people choose or feel a certain way about anything,” Lehr said. “It’s just something cute. Slogans don’t yield that sort of power—people have to come to see Albion for themselves to see how great it is.”

Kropf remains confident that the slogan accurately represents the college.

“That (“Always Thinking”) is everything that Albion students are and will continue to become,” Kropf said. “It’s bulletproof, because people can love it or hate it, but eventually they’ll know how we’ve gotten here.”

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