In the Hornets’ nest-football team wins at Kalamazoo

Albion College football had a successful game on the road against Kalamazoo this past weekend, coming out of the game with a 34-14 victory over the Hornets.  The win brought Albion back to a 3-2 record in MIAA conference play.

In Albion’s first two possessions of the game, Clinton Orr, Buchanan first-year, had a 43-yard touchdown run followed by a 72-yard touchdown run.  Mychal Galla, Muskegon junior, kicked a 27-yard field goal, and Kyle Frisbey, Shepherd junior, finished off a 71-yard drive with a three-yard touchdown run in the second quarter.  Tom Fusee, Rockford junior, set up the touchdown with a pass to Dave Wunderlich, Troy sophomore, for a 38-yard gain.

“Starting the game with that offensive drive gave us the momentum for the rest of the game,” said Tony Brown, Bay City first-year.  “I think bouncing back from a big loss where we lacked performance in many areas allowed us to play as a team and not miss any links.”

Continuing the positive progression in the first half of the game, Galla scored a three-yard field goal in the third quarter, and Wes Dolen, East Lansing first-year, moved the ball 54 yards to set up the fourth quarter score.

“We had a great week of practice and played all out,” Fusee said. “We put everything on the line.  The offensive line played great along with the defense.”

The Britons’ defense held the Hornets to 297 yards.  John Lesinski, Grass Lake sophomore, had five solo and seven assisted tackles and one interception.  Brown had eight solo and three assisted tackles and one quarterback sack.  Jacob Lee, Spring Lake senior, had his second interception of the season, as well as four solo and two assisted tackles.  Robbie Moffett, Chelsea junior, recovered a fumble and had one interception, and Chris Greenwood, Detroit sophomore had his fifth interception of the season.

“We decided before the week started that this game was a must-win, and everyone really bought into it,” Wunderlich said.  “We stayed focused all week and came ready to play on Saturday.”

Football practices, according to the players, have become more focused on the competitive nature of the game.  Practicing in a competitive state of mind has helped the Britons to translate what is done in practice to the field during game time.

“We have improved a lot by doing ‘the little things,’” Fusee said.  “Get your popcorn ready for the game this weekend!”

The Albion College Britons will close their 2009 conference play with a Nov. 14 home game against Alma College.

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