Feeling green-Green Day takes over The Stack

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On Wednesday, Nov. 11, the Environmental Institute transformed the Stack to put on Green Day with a large stage, organic food buffet and plenty of booths, each describing a different aspect of the environment. This free event is the first of two Green Days that occur each school year.

According to Pryce Hadley, Marquette sophomore and event director of Green Day, this celebration includes: organic food, live music, discovery of your carbon footprint, and much more pertaining to learning about protecting the environment.

 “This semester’s event will include an environmentally-themed interactive art project and an FYE (First Year Experience) component,” Hadley said. “I believe that art is often an effective medium for communication and I am excited to see this aspect included in the event.”

Hadley explained that the interactive art is a piece including a large canvas in which students can express their individuality by drawing on it. This is an environmentally themed piece new to Green Day this year.

In addition to the interactive art, another new aspect this year is the recycling competition in which Albion College is preparing to compete in next year.

According to Sophia Potoczak, Birmingham sophomore and student in charge of the recycling competition booth at Green Day, last winter from January to March, Albion College participated in Recyclemania, which is a nation-wide competition amongst colleges and universities to see how much each school recycles.

“Unfortunately, last year Albion did really poorly, so this year we are trying to advertise and make people more aware of all the things you can recycle on Albion’s campus,” Potoczak said. “Wednesday night at Green Day we were giving information about recycling and Recyclemania to most importantly inform people.”

Recyclemania will begin at Albion College when students return for the spring semester.

Kortney Driver, Springfield first-year, says that the recycling competition was her favorite part.

“Having never attended the event before, I was curious as to what it was all about,” Driver said. “I really liked learning about the recycling competition because it is unlike anything I’ve ever heard of and I am interested to see how Albion does in comparison to other colleges in the United States.”

According to Hadley, at least 145 first-years attended, as well as about 100 more people from the Albion community, faculty and staff.

“The event is always changing and differs from semester to semester, so attending it twice a year will prove to be just as rewarding an experience,” Hadley said.

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