Good karma-Yoga students perform random acts of kindness

Finding a dollar bill in a library book or change in a vending machine at Albion College may not be as random anymore.

 All students who enroll in the five yoga classes available per semester are required to complete 16 random acts of kindness per semester for strangers as one of the objectives of the course, according to Launda Wheatley, yoga instructor.

 “They’re supposed to go out into the world and do nice things for people,” Wheatley said. “They have to do random acts that people aren’t going to acknowledge themselves. It’s simply a matter of putting something out into the world that makes the world be a little bit better to live in.”

 Katy Maynard, St. Joseph junior, has already completed all of her random acts of kindness and said that she found it easy to do so.

 “I put change in the vending machines and just left it there twice; I came back a few minutes later and it was already used,” Maynard said. “I put random notes in people’s K.C. boxes. I sent notes to all my teachers saying I really enjoy being in your class. I put a note under the janitor’s door in Whitehouse that said thanks for cleaning up.”

 Maynard, who is taking yoga for the first time this semester, said that she definitely plans to take it again next semester.

 “I really enjoyed doing (the random acts of kindness),” Maynard said. “I would strongly recommend taking yoga. I think it’s extremely relaxing and I think I’ve been doing better in my classes because of yoga, too.”

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