CPO stands up for events

Albion students experienced a night full of sarcasm and puns when comedian Hasan Minhaj took the stage on Sept. 24. Whether it was bashing on the ironies of Greek life or ranting on the obnoxious commentary of online social networking, Minhaj continues to invade campuses nationwide on his first official college comedy tour.  

However, Minhaj is only one of several comedians that Union Board (U.B.) works to book per semester for the campus community. According to Tracey Howard, director of Campus Programs and Organizations (C.P.O.), the C.P.O. office takes several steps to ensure that a variety of events are provided for the students.  

“What people don’t realize is that brainstorming isn’t the only thing we do,” Howard said. “We have to keep certain aspects in mind, such as price, touring schedules, and sometimes even technical requirements.” 

According to Jackie Rollin, Waterford senior and Union Board president, planning events is more than a democratic vote; it is an intricate process that requires certain acts to be eliminated from the drawing board.  

“What’s great about this campus is that you have a lot of diverse representation when it comes to brainstorming ideas as to what we can bring to Albion,” Rollin said. 

Rollin and other members of U.B. meet at least once a week in the Kellogg Center to discuss new and upcoming artists as well as themed events that they feel would be well-attended by the campus. According to Rollin, having an array of options laid out on the table is more effective than stating who or what the “next big thing” is. 

“What’s funny is that I love going to smaller schools on account that you always get a larger, more enthusiastic audience,” Minhaj said. “If I went to a larger university, you’re less likely to get a response, simply because the kids there are expecting an icon to blow them away, like Lewis Black or Radiohead. At Albion, you’re getting a much more personable experience and that’s where I come up with my best material—by simply interacting.” 

Decision-making is also affected by input provided by the student population, according to Rollin. There is a suggestion box in the U.B. post office for students to share their thoughts. 

“In some ways we have been very lucky to book acts such as Third Eye Blind and O.A.R., but at the same time we have stayed energetic and positive about the big show that everyone is anticipating at the end of the school year,” Howard said.

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