A taste for Autumn falls on Albion-Dean Hall haunts campus

Albion students got a taste of fall this past Friday, having the opportunity to head to the Kellogg Center for Fall Fest, an annual event planned by Union Board during the fall semester. On the same night, the all-female Dean Hall decked out their abode  in cobwebs, splattered red corn syrup and dropped fake brains onto onlookers during their first annual haunted house in an effort to raise money for prevention against women’s violence.

“It’s been really exciting planning this out and knowing that everything that happens will happen for a good cause,” said Chloe Collins, Harrison Township sophomore and Dean Hall resident. “People seem to be responding really well to our ideas, and many have gotten very excited about it.”

Collins and several other Dean residents sat outside their house collecting donations for the Calhoun County Sexual Assault Center.

“I think that this is a great way for the college to develop a positive relationship with the community,” said Elizabeth Heimler, Grosse Pointe junior.

 Upon entry, Elizabeth Kraft, Romeo sophomore, wearing a dark veil, took visitors through all three floors of the house, walking through rooms containing “blood” splattered walls and high-pitched screams. From then on, the visitors, guided by holding on to a rope, walked through a dark living room of smashing piano notes and an abandoned room with a surgeon performing on a live, screaming patient, while the acoustics of the house echoed with the bellowing screams of Mia Morandi, Birmingham sophomore.

 “When you enter the house, you’re a part of a group that’s guided with a rope,” said Brian Sorenson, Owosso sophomore. “Being in the back part of the line is the scariest part to be in because they keep creeping up behind you, even after you’ve left a room. It’s so much fun, though; I hope they do it again next year.”

 Another autumn-themed event, Fall Fest, took place in the Stack on Oct. 23 from 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. Organized by Union Board, the event offered various activities including palm readings, old-style photos, wax hands and plenty of snacks and cider.

“The food was such a great addition to the atmosphere,” said Makenna Doyle, Romeo first-year. “I think that Union Board always does a great job of incorporating students together, which definitely makes all the difference in my first year of college. Besides, it’s just a great idea to begin with.”

 Jennifer Schreer, Union Board advisor, said she felt that Fall Fest has become a very popular event among the students on campus.

“The kids just absolutely love it. The first time we planned it, we weren’t sure how people would respond to it,” Schreer said. “The following fall people had begged us to bring it back, so we’re going to do just that.” 

 While Fall Fest is an annual event, Dean Hall hopes that their haunted house will become a reoccuring annual event as well.

“What we’re doing here is getting students involved beyond campus, meanwhile helping community organizations outside our community as well,” Heimler said. “So far it seems to be working pretty well; I think it’s safe to say that it will happen again next year.”

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