A healthy debate-Taking sides on health care


Visit the Opinions page to read Jackie Simonson’s and Kyle Francis’s arguments for and against Obama’s health care plan.


  1. Nice job, Jackie. I lost my health insurance this summer, after I graduated from Albion. A lot of seniors at Albion will soon know what it feels like to be left without insurance. It sucks and I hope people begin to see what you and I see.

  2. Get a job and stop trying to leech off the government. If people are self sufficient and responsible, this problem wouldn’t exist. Too many people want to say “poor me” rather than do something about it. You obviously have a college education, so use it.

  3. Kyle—I enjoyed your common sense approach to America’s current discourse on health care reform. Nice Job. I agree, America needs to reform health care in a fiscally responsible manner—not by means of a large government-run program.

    Jackie—While I strongly disagree with your standpoint on this issue, I appreciate your argument. Certainly advocating health care for more people is an admirable goal.

    Great article…


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