Rieger Park incident update

Albion students are accustomed to hearing the train pass late at night, but on the night of September 13, they heard different sounds: police sirens and a helicopter.

Eight people were involved in a verbal argument at Rieger Park last Sunday night, but the dispute was mainly between two young males, an 18-year-old and a 20-year-old, who knew each other, according to the Albion Department of Public Safety (APS).

According to Lt. Scott Kipp of the APS, the 20-year-old victim suffered two knife wounds, resulting in a punctured lung. He was air lifted to Borges Hospital in Kalamazoo and is in critical but stable condition.

The 18 year-old suspect, according to Kipp, was arraigned Tuesday on the charges of assault with attempted murder. According to Kipp, the suspect could face a lesser charge of assault with the attempt to commit bodily harm, depending on plea agreements.

The other people at the scene were taken into custody and may face charges of disorderly conduct, but no such charges have been made at this time.

“Ultimately, it was an isolated incident,” Kipp said. “It could have happened anywhere; (the suspect and victim) just happened to have met at the park.”

Because the incident took place off campus and no one from the college was involved in the dispute, only the APS handled the incident, according to Ken Snyder, director of campus safety.

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