Grounds for elimination

Students, staff and faculty searching for an early morning caffeine jump will need to look elsewhere for their coffee fix. Due to the campus wide budget cuts, the Kellogg Center has eliminated the morning coffee cart service as well as reduced staff before 3 p.m.  

“What can we (the Kellogg Center) do in a different way with minimal impact?” said Tracy Howard, assistant dean of program development. “(The Kellogg Center) identified ways to be more efficient and resourceful with funds.” 

According to Howard, the coffee cart was never a money maker, and it served a double function since there is already a coffee house.

 “I really loved the convenience of the coffee cart and how cheap it was,” said Ashley Peterson, Marquette senior. “I never had time to make coffee in the morning so it was nice to have the coffee cart for early morning classes.”

According to Howard, even with a reduced staff at the Kellogg Center the campus is still providing the same services that the KC desk did, but in different ways.

One example of those new service methods is that a Campus Safety dispatcher now answers telephone calls formerly answered by a student worker at the information desk. 

“I have been working at Campus Safety for almost 10 years now, and have not really noticed a difference in the amount of phone calls that ring into our office this year,” said Joann Wendling, Campus Safety Dispatcher.

Due to the reduced staffing during the day, students no longer pick up UPS packages at the information desk; instead, all packages are distributed by the post office.

“I feel the changes made in the operations of the Kellogg Center were in the best overall interest of the college given the college’s need for financial efficiency,” said Karen Hiatt, assistant director of campus information.

According to Howard, the Kellogg Center staff is going to watch and monitor the changes and see which are effective.

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