Caring hands make Empty Bowls

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Throwing bowls can be a bit messy, in more ways than one, but for Albion College’s ceramic department, throwing bowls is a way to help change the Albion community.

For over fifteen years the ceramic department has hosted a local chapter of a nation-wide charity, Empty Bowls, allowing ceramic students, and any others interested in lending a helping hand.

 “Albion College has been involved with Empty Bowls since its conception in the early 90s,” said Katherine Dever, Clarkson senior.

 This year, students involved have already started making, or throwing, ceramic bowls that will be used later in the semester to serve soup in during their annual fundraiser for United Way.  The money raised in selling the bowls along with the soup goes to the local food bank in Albion.

“As an art major, I chose to be involved in Empty Bowls because I wanted to give back to the community in a way that was both meaningful and personal to me as well as to those who are impacted by the event.  I also like the idea of art being accessible to the entire campus and community and involving everyone in different ways to positively effect change” Dever said.

 According to Dever, anyone can be involved in the fundraiser, whether campus organizations donate money for food, students volunteer their time to help out at the event, or the community buys a bowl at the event to help out the hungry.

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