Students are not the only ones clamoring to see Madame Suzanna, the fortune teller that union board has booked for next Friday, April 10.

Ronna Dandall also will be seeking guidance—specifically on the strategic plan.

“I really feel that this is the perfect opportunity to be sure that we are making the right decisions to continue the exceptional learning environment for our students that Albion has traditionally provided, even in these times of economic turmoil,” Dandall said. “Madame Suzanna will be able to tell me if we’re on the right track.”

Dandall has attempted to schedule a lengthier meeting than the time allotted for the UB event with Madame Suzanna. Madame Suzanna has offered additional guidance for the low base fee of $9.95 plus $0.30 per minute.

Dandall has started a collection to cover the cost, as well as negotiating with Kodd Kekiele, director of dining services, to present Madame Suzanna with a flat-screen plasma TV from the Old Keller as a thank you gift for her services.

According to Ben Jeer, president of union board, Madame Suzana comes with a credible resume. She successfully predicted that Good Friday would fall on a Friday this year and that the winner of the NCAA Tournament will come from one of the Final Four teams in Detroit.

“I dont blame President Dandall for seeking guidance from Madame Suzana,” Jeer said. “Sure you could ask a board of experts about the strategic plan, but why waste all that time receiving expert advice when you could get psychic advice almost for free?”

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