Albion’s bailout plan

In a statement released by the DDR last Tuesday, the presidential administration announced a $5,000,000.00 bailout plan for Albion College to cover the costs of needed expenses, including the implementation of flat screen TVs in Old Keller, art sculptures in the science complex and bicycles for the bike library.

“The funds provided from the bailout are helping Albion in its darkest hour,” said Ronna Dandall, Albion College president. “The money was utilized responsibly to meet the most imperative needs of our students.”
Senator Larry Tachs was confident the house plan would pass.
“We had to let Albion live to see another day,” Tachs said.

The plan passed in the senate with 58-42 majority.
Fall 2008 saw the beginning of the spending spree with the addition of the Old Keller, a high-class eating area, to Baldwin and 15 new high definition flat screen TVs broadcasting material such as Rock of Love Bus and Bromance right to the booths of Baldwin.

“It was definitely a necessity to dining services,” said Kodd Kekiele, dining services director. “It coincides with our vision of sustainability, eco-friendliness and of course the physical health and well-being of our students.”

While the flat screens cost approximately $300,000, additional money was utilized to build the sphere sculptures in the science complex atrium and support a fleet of bicycles in the Kellogg Center’s highly popular bike library.

“The demand for the bikes has been unparalleled,” said Jim Rider, KC employee and Winding Trails junior. “We can’t meet the demand.”

Harley Davis, Chopperton first-year, agreed.

“The bikes are a big pull for potential incoming students, and the flat screens are an educational tool I know will up student performance—just in time for Albion’s 2010 accreditation,” Davis said.

In response to the campus reaction, Albion administrators plan to continue to invest in goods and services that best benefit faculty and students.

“This is just the beginning,” Dandall said. “The generous bailout distributed to our academic community will go towards the future costs of implementation of flat-screens and iron sculpted spheres in other areas of campus as best deemed necessary by student senate, facilities, my administration and student life.”

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