Tickets turn to food

The Bohm Theater will not be reopening this semester. The $8,660 allotted to the Bohm Movie Fee of the Student Activity Fund has been returned to students in the form of a $5 credit on each person’s student ID card toward Albion’s Eat Shop.

The week before spring break, Student Senate, in conjunction with Union Board, sent out surveys through the Albion Today asking for student feedback regarding how each would like to receive their $5 refund. Some options included having $5 gift certificate to Frosty Dan’s, $5 to a movie theatre in Jackson or Marshall or a $5 gift card to the Albion College Bookstore.

According to Raelynn Buczkowski, Shelby Township sophomore and the vice-chair of appropriations on Student Senate, the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of having $5 put on students’ student ID cards to be used at the Eat Shop.

Buczkowski said that Student Senate voted that it was better for the money to go back to the students than to sit in a bank account.

“It technically goes back into the student activities fee, and because it’s written that the amount of money is used to pay specifically for the Bohm, it wouldn’t otherwise be used,” Buczkowski said. “We didn’t just want the money to sit there – Student Senate as a whole decided it was best to redistribute it to the students.”

Some students are unhappy with the way that the money is going to be redistributed.

Caitlin Bowman, Kalamazoo junior, is upset not only with the reassignment of the money, but also with the Bohm itself being closed.

“That’s a rip-off, and I feel like we are being screwed out of something that they promised us from the beginning,” Bowman said. “The Bohm is the reason that some of us even considered going to Albion.”

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