News Recap


Spending Spree
Despite the economic crisis, Michigan state lobbyists spent over $34 million last year lobbying legislature, Governor Jennifer Granholm’s administration and other elected officials. Lobbyists spent 6 percent more in 2008 than in 2007.


Bad ass-ets
As part of President Obama’s economic recovery plan, the Administration unveiled a plan to take up $1 trillion in bad mortgages.


No Lamas allowed
The Dalai Lama was banned from attending a peace conference in Johannesburg, South Africa due to South Africa’s close relationship with China, one of South Africa’s biggest trading partners.


Rest in peace
Natasha Richardson was laid to rest in upstate New York on Monday, March 23. She died from head injuries suffered in a skiing accident on Wednesday, March 18.


Shadow of ReDoubt
Mount ReDoubt in Willow, Ala., erupted five times on Monday, March 23. So far, no deaths were reported from the eruption.


Right on queue
Seven hundred, fifty-six people lined up for a bathroom in Brussels, Belgium on Sunday, March 22, setting a new world record for the longest queue to a toilet to raise awareness for World Water Day.

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