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Guess What? You Have Friends…Right in Front of You

Dear Kit, Whenever I hang out with my friends, we always just end up on our phones…is there anyway to avoid this? One of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m talking to someone and they [...]

There Should Be an App for That

We’ve all heard the familiar phrase, “There’s an app for that!” Apps are created to make our lives easier and solve some of our first world “struggles”. But what apps are there that could make the [...]

Google Glass comes to Albion

Developed in 2012, Google Glass was officially released for beta testing early this year. Few lucky participants were approved to test the device for the price of $1,500, and Andy Boyan, a communication studies professor, was [...]


Over the past two months, fliers advertising Squeller have been posted on bulletin boards all over campus. The first round bore only the silhouette of a large black squirrel and the name Squelller, leaving many wondering [...]

Active minds on camera

It may be hard to read someone else’s mind, but it’s certain that they are “always thinking”—especially if they are Albion students. [...]

Safe book?

Over 175 million people belong to the social networking Web site, Facebook. Founded in 2004, Facebook doubles in size every six months, adding on average 350,000 new members a day. If Facebook were a country, it [...]