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Comprehending the Financials of Study Abroad

College is a time like no other in the young American’s lifetime. Ripe from adolescence and inundated with choices, students are sold on the idea of possibility as they simultaneously sign up for loans and classes. [...]

Why America Needs Tapas

On a college campus, students are quick to suggest that life in other countries is far better than life in America. I hear it all the time, whether it’s about healthcare or gun control. While I [...]

Pura Vida Blues

You never hear someone say that they regret studying abroad, and that is for a good reason.  No matter the location, the duration or the nature of the program, studying abroad is an invaluable experience.  The [...]

From Albion to Spain and Back Again

After spending four months in the bustling Spanish city of Granada, I can honestly say that coming back to Albion has been quite the adjustment. Like 20 other students last semester, I chose to spend a semester [...]

Small School vs. Big University: Cultural Differences in Spain

Guest Post by Emily Miller When Albion College students leave for a study abroad program, they hear seemingly endless lectures on culture shock or experiences of adapting to different cultures. By the end of most of [...]

Hiding in homophobia: Living openly gay in Senegal

By Nick Diamond We feared the case of Ebola in the neighborhood next to mine.  And even when I was tested for malaria, nothing proved to be more challenging than living as a gay student in [...]