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Admissions Changes Could Bring More Students

In October, Albion College announced that an alumni gift would allow for the renovation of the Bonta Admissions Center. The process will begin on Dec. 2 with an initial meeting with architects. After that meeting, admissions [...]

New Student Gym To Open Soon

At Albion College, the place to get a good workout in is at the Dow. There, from the time when classes get out until well into the evening, the building is packed full of students and [...]

New Roadwork in Albion Coming Spring of 2017

There’s a lot going on in the city of Albion this year. Already many annual events have been held, connections between the community and the college are still in development and new features have been added [...]

From a Minor Club to a Valued Program

It’s strange to think that the equestrian program didn’t always exist here at Albion College. Up until 2004, there was only a club, but nowhere to ride in town. Since then, Albion has expanded its equestrian [...]

Renovations to Equestrian Center

Albion College’s Equestrian Center contains a competitive club and varsity team. Any student can try out, whether they’ve been riding their whole life or have never sat on a horse before. The Equestrian Center offers many [...]

Renovations Starting in Munger Hall

A few houses down from Wesley Hall lies a vacant monolith: Munger Hall. Towering far above its neighbors, the college building’s only indication of life is a giant sign on its front yard, holding a small [...]