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Renovations to Equestrian Center

Albion College’s Equestrian Center contains a competitive club and varsity team. Any student can try out, whether they’ve been riding their whole life or have never sat on a horse before. The Equestrian Center offers many [...]

Renovations Starting in Munger Hall

A few houses down from Wesley Hall lies a vacant monolith: Munger Hall. Towering far above its neighbors, the college building’s only indication of life is a giant sign on its front yard, holding a small [...]

Collaboration Space Coming Downtown

The empty building at 101 Superior St. looks chipped, grey and lifeless as the clouds overhead–but that’s all about to change. The building in downtown Albion will become an active creative collaboration site in the near [...]

Historic Kresge gym receives upgrades

Kresge gymnasium is Michigan’s oldest active intercollegiate athletic facility.  Built in 1925 after a campus fire back in 1922, it is now being upgraded with a new graphic system while still embracing its history. “President Frandsen [...]

Baldwin staff discusses cafeteria renovations

Baldwin has gone through major changes in the last eight months. While the students seem to have overall positive feelings and are adjusting quickly, Baldwin’s staff are equally critical judges and have been responding well. Mary [...]

Albion community rallies around theater restoration

The Bohm theater in downtown Albion has been defunct for years, and many Albion College students never think twice about it. However, there is a growing effort by the Albion Community Foundation to renovate the theater [...]

Student opinions on Baldwin renovations vary

The renovations in lower Baldwin have frustrated some students, while others are going with the flow. Construction recently began in lower Baldwin, and is scheduled to be finished in the fall. Students have been moved to [...]

Temporary dining locations during Renovation

Starting on March 11, when students are on spring break, the renovation of Lower Baldwin will begin. Todd Tekiele, director of auxiliary services, has developed a new meal plan for students. “When students return from spring [...]

Foundation donates $250,000 to library renovation

The second phase of the Stockwell library renovation is not likely to start before December 2013 and it is part of a 20-year-plan to re-model campus facilities. Phase two will cost $6.15 million and $2.55 million [...]

Baldwin Transforms — Plans to update and renovate lower Baldwin are in action

Lower Baldwin will be getting a face-lift starting in Spring 2013. Students will be able to enjoy a new eating environment with updated equipment and a modern look. “It will just be the student dining room,” [...]