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Opinion: I Do Not Mind Differences of Opinion. I Do Mind Hate.

Watching the election was supposed to feel good. I anticipated witnessing a historic event, the way our polls predicted, with our country’s first female President-elect. In disdain, I watched as the map turned from grey to [...]

Letter to the Editor: President Mauri Ditzler on Elections

Guest piece by President Mauri Ditzler To the editor: Election Day is upon us.   I have always found this day and the opportunity to vote to be a cause for great joy.  I trust that all [...]

Opinion: Trump Steps Over the Line at Second Debate

Heading into the presidential town hall on Sunday, the American people and the world at large did not know what to expect from the two leading candidates. With polls consistently showing that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary [...]

‘Amazing Turnout’ for Debate Viewing Party

Guest Writer – Tyler Shingeck With Election Day just over a month away, the presidential race is starting to heat up and will continue to do so after the two major candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary [...]

President Ditzler’s reflections on the last day of summer

A guest column by Albion College President Mauri Ditzler In many ways, this afternoon is like so many others since I arrived on campus in late June. From my window I can see the spire of [...]

Reconsidering JFK’s legacy 50 years later

Jennifer McDonell, ’16 John F. Kennedy has a legacy as one of America’s great statesmen because of his death, but not necessarily because of his life. Some may remember him as the great leader who advocated [...]