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Pleiad from Senegal: The case for the liberal arts in Senegal

Pleiad from Senegal is a guest column by former Pleiad editor-in-chief Nicholas Diamond. Nick is abroad in Senegal, studying public health, French and Wolof.  He’ll be reporting about health challenges and cultural experiences while in Dakar.   According to a 2011 [...]

Staff column: Albion do’s and don’ts

It is customary for the Pleiad to publish an advice column every fall semester, as new first-years arrive and make the same mistakes we all did when we first stepped foot in Albion.  In the name [...]

Editor’s welcome

It’s the first day of class, Brits. 400 or so first-years are sitting through their first college classes with you right now, loaded with anticipation, fear, excitement and more energy than a dozen upperclassmen. About a [...]

Documentary shows importance of hula as art

In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (May), Albion College screened the documentary Holo Mai Pele or Pele Travels, which tells the story of an ancient Hawaiian myth. The event was sponsored by Intercultural Affairs, [...]

Women say no to rape culture

It’s easy to see the effects of rape culture in a woman’s day-to-day life if you know what to look for. The signs are everywhere, and they play a role in a lot of decisions women [...]

Students join the fight against hunger

The first thing that stood out at the Kids Against Hunger packaging event on Saturday, March 29 was the hairnets. Every participant in the Albion College Student Volunteer Bureau’s annual Kids Against Hunger event donned one [...]

Healthy body, healthy mind

Staying healthy. It’s something many college students don’t think about until they’re drowning in dirty tissues and suffering from one of the worst colds they’ve ever had. It can affect our school work, our body and [...]

The art of texting

It’s a situation all too familiar to college girls, waiting for hours or days for a text message, only to be disappointed by a one-word response. It can be a frustrating situation, especially when you’re just [...]

The Gina behind Gina’s

The Albion hotspot, Gina’s, serves café style meals to Albion College students, staff and residents.  Its owner is Gina Pritchard. Pritchard is an Albion resident and has been for years.  She is even an Albion College [...]

Temps cause classes to cancel, but not at Albion

On Tuesday, Jan. 28, temperatures in Albion reached a frigid four degrees Fahrenheit and dropped to negative 10. Schools like The University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University and Washtenaw Community College were closed due to severe [...]