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Survivor of Acid Attack Speaks at Bobbitt

Nurjahan Khatun was born in the small town of Kashipure, Bangladesh. At only nine years old, she was the unintended recipient of an acid attack. The target was meant to be her 13-year-old cousin who slept [...]

Opinion: Get the Shot

Each year as flu season rolls around, I’m hesitant to go to my classes. With so many of my peers coughing, sneezing and just being generally sick in classes, it’s something I wish I could avoid. [...]

Opinion: Stop Clownin’ Around

Clowns can be a spitting images of terror for many people. They drive fear straight into the heart, and even the mere mention of the word “clown” sends some running. This is particularly problematic as reports [...]

Albion’s Big Read Commences With Holland Park Event

Albion’s Big Read program kicked-off this year’s activities on Saturday, Oct. 1. The Big Read is a series of community events designed to inspire and encourage reading. This year the Big Read will be tackling Ray [...]

What It’s Like Watching FX’s New Show Atlanta

If you haven’t heard of Atlanta, FX’s new critically acclaimed show, then expect to hear about it soon. A quasi-comedy, slice-of-life drama, the show is created and produced by Donald Glover, also known under his rap [...]

‘Amazing Turnout’ for Debate Viewing Party

Guest Writer – Tyler Shingeck With Election Day just over a month away, the presidential race is starting to heat up and will continue to do so after the two major candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary [...]