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Opinion: Errors & cover-ups fail rape victims

Recently, the Tallahassee police force and Florida State University came under fire for not investigating a sexual assault case in due time. The accused is Jameis Winston, quarterback of the Florida State Seminole football team. After [...]

Opinion: Albion overspends on administration

It’s no secret that school is expensive. Especially at Albion College, where the official cost of enrollment for the 2013-14 school year topped $45,000. The mystery is figuring out the true cost for students, and how [...]

Opinion: Miley Cyrus sociology course

Starting this summer, Skidmore College, a small, private, liberal arts college in New York, is offering a course titled “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus.” As a sociology major and a pop culture enthusiast, I am thrilled [...]

Opinion: Schuette’s gay marriage ban defense creates conflict

Most students don’t know the identities of the Albion College Board of Trustees until one of them is thrust into the spotlight. There are plenty of eyes on Bill Schuette right now as he defends Michigan’s [...]

Opinion: The 2014 Grammys

“Okay, so first is who should win, and then second is who you think is going to win,” is a common phrase I utter whenever I am watching the Grammys with someone. My distaste for the [...]

Opinion: Clickbait must be stopped

Scroll through your Facebook feed for more than  ten seconds and you will find any number of people sharing articles with headlines desperate for your attention.  “You’ll Never Believe What This Ten-Year-Old Girl Did in Her [...]