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In Remembrance of Julian Bond

It’s 1968 and the Democratic National Convention just shook the political and social fixtures of American society. Julian Bond became the first African-American man to be nominated for vice president of the United States. Protestors and [...]

Obama gives fifth State of the Union speech

On Tuesday, Jan. 28, President Obama gave his fifth State of the Union address.  He focused much of the speech on painting a picture of America in recovery from the economic strife of recent years and called [...]

Obama stands by Affordable Care Act in speech

Despite complications on, President Obama recently gave a speech at a church in Texas defending his Affordable Care Act (ACA), a task made even more difficult because of skeptical citizens and politicians attacking the act’s website. [...]

Loan rates down

President Obama recently signed the bipartisan student loan bill which prevented interest rates on student loans from climbing to 6.8 percent, instead that rate sits at 3.86 percent. Congress’ original plan was to in fact double the [...]

The Sequester: Michigan pays the price

On March 1, Congress failed the American people. Because of Congress’ inability to act, Americans across the country will now face longer lines at airports and DMVs, reduced availability of Medicare funds and most frighteningly, the [...]

Students participate in Obama’s re-election

Hours before the election on Nov. 6, a CNN/ORC poll showed Governor Mitt Romney and President Obama at a statistical tie in the race. After the polls closed, Obama won 303 electoral votes, while Romney only [...]