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Water and Waste Discussed at Albion City Council Meeting

Water and waste management are major health concerns for any household or business. At the Albion City Council meeting Oct. 3, members were updated on ongoing tests that gauge the city’s handling of water and waste. [...]

Busy Weekend for Campus Safety

Last weekend there were three incidents that required the attention of Campus Safety and Albion Public Safety, two of which were related. Over email, Ken Snyder indicated that three non-students were involved in the two related [...]

Wesley Hall’s Wedding Hoax

By Marcus Olah First-years Emily Kinser and Jayson Wolf were high school sweethearts of three years from Fenton, Michigan, when they both decided to attend Albion College. A conversation with an “ordained minister” convinced them it [...]

Opinion: Wellness Options for Students Promote Healthy Lifestyles

When fitness options for students are limited to a small weight room that is so overflowed with athletes and equipment that people are forced to use in the hallway, living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult [...]

‘Gem of an Elementary Building’ to Reopen in Albion

Near the end of last semester, Albion students likely saw an abundance of “Vote Yes” or “Vote No” signs stuck in the lawns of Albion residences and homes. This past May, Albion had a big decision [...]

New Faces for Health Care Institute

Those familiar with the former heads of Albion College’s Healthcare Institute will have some new names to learn. Associate Professor Dr. Bradley Rabquer of the Biology Department and Dr. Laura Loman, previously the healthcare advisor, have [...]