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Group Projects with a Purpose

Parents and children of the community have spoken. Now Albion College students will work to turn the community’s ideas into realities. Dr. Vicki Baker’s Economics and Management 359 class created surveys and sent them home with [...]

Pleiad in Paris: France from two departments

At Albion, it’s not uncommon for students to travel to far off places with classes or other organizations. Some students, like me, even get to travel to the same destination twice. In October 2012, I went [...]

Gerstacker students go to France and back

This past Friday, Oct. 24, a group of Albion Gerstackers returned from their busy adventure in France. Currently, the Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management provides a yearlong course for its students in collaboration [...]

International Business: Gerstacker works with French partners

April 18, Elkin Isaac day, is a big deal at Albion. Faculty, students and parents gather to watch students present months of work and research. Because the event is held at Albion College, no one has [...]

Working for free, paying for the future

Students in the Gerstacker Institute now have a new incentive to seek unpaid internships this summer, thanks to a newly created, one-time grant that will cover part, or even all, of their summer college tuition. [...]