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The World’s Biggest Trash Receptacle: The Ocean

For some, the ocean is a sanctuary where spirits can be lifted and the soul can be renewed; for others, the ocean is completely irrelevant to their life. Beliefs about the ocean are easily shaped by [...]

Albion celebrates 43rd Earth Day

Nothing is as rewarding as helping the Earth and reducing your carbon footprint. Earth Day was celebrated nationally on April 22.  Multiple student organizations on Albion’s campus took part in the Earth Day awareness and celebration. [...]

Not such a bright idea

Looking at compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), it becomes clear that they are no ordinary lights. Unlike their old-school incandescent counterparts, they aren’t bulbous, but are instead tubular and sculpted into a swirl. [...]

Join the recycle mania

While you dump your plastic into one of the recycling bins around campus, you’re probably not keeping track of how much you recycle. But someone is. [...]

Taking out the trays

Waste not, want not. Baldwin is considering the idea of joining nearly 600 colleges and universities nationwide that have gone trayless in their cafeterias as a way to reduce food waste. [...]