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Admissions Changes Could Bring More Students

In October, Albion College announced that an alumni gift would allow for the renovation of the Bonta Admissions Center. The process will begin on Dec. 2 with an initial meeting with architects. After that meeting, admissions [...]

A 20/20 Visual on the Class of 2020

We, the Class of 2019, thought we were the big shots. With over 450 students—25 percent of which were students of color or international—we left Wesley Hall splitting at its seams and left a mark in [...]

The few. The proud. The Britons.

Despite reports, Albion’s smaller class size next year is not a result of budget cuts, poor PR or moldy residence hall buildings. The small class size is actually a result of a new recruiting campaign inspired [...]

Land of the free, home of the Brits

Come next fall, the college hopes that more veterans will be populating Albion’s campus, thanks to a recently launched initiative. [...]

Incoming student shortages

The number of enrollment deposits—the deposit that ensures a student’s attendance next fall- that Albion has received is down 10 percent from this time last year, from 101 to 91, according to Kevin Kropf, [...]