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Frogs conduct nature’s orchestra on night hike

The sky hangs over us like a deep blue mirror, frosted with brilliant white flecks. Crunching leaves echo through the woods, where trees and walkers are barely distinguishable. The cool spring night wraps around us. On [...]

Documentary shows importance of hula as art

In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (May), Albion College screened the documentary Holo Mai Pele or Pele Travels, which tells the story of an ancient Hawaiian myth. The event was sponsored by Intercultural Affairs, [...]

Organizational culture and leadership lecture

Last Thursday, April 3, Albion College students and faculty alike poured into the Norris Auditorium. They gathered at 7 p.m. to listen to a lecture hosted by the Gerstacker Institute and psychology department. Together, these collegiate [...]

Flirty Girl Fitness takes the drudgery out of workouts

Speakers suddenly roar to life. Lana Del Ray’s smooth voice pours through the sound system. Soft yellow light is reflected in a set of full-length mirrors, at which four girls glance while they move to the [...]

In defense of Kickstarter

Want to raise money for your dream bakery? Maybe you need funds for the restoration of an underappreciated mural or innovative videogame. Kickstarter, a crowdsourcing site born in April 2009, can help you achieve these wild [...]

Dark Girls documentary explores colorism

At 7 p.m. last Tuesday, Feb. 25, students and faculty poured eagerly into Norris Auditorium to experience the 2012 documentary, Dark Girls. In Dark Girls, American filmmakers Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry explore colorism against [...]

Political science professor explains UN intervention policy

Last Wednesday, Feb. 19, assistant professor of political science Carrie Booth Walling delivered a lecture on a matter of international interest: humanitarian intervention. Bobbitt Auditorium was packed with students and faculty eager to hear about Walling’s [...]

Artist in residence explores human trafficking in U.S.

You’ve probably flipped past a story about it while browsing TV channels. Perhaps you caught a few seconds of it on the news. Unfortunate, you think. That’s terrible, you shrug. Though human trafficking receives some media [...]

Sugar beet juice as natural deicing alternative

As Albion College students trudged into class last Thursday, Jan. 23, one question was repeatedly raised – “What’s that smell?” A strong and unidentifiable odor was suspended in the air. Its thick, mildly unpleasant scent reportedly [...]