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Google Glass comes to Albion

Developed in 2012, Google Glass was officially released for beta testing early this year. Few lucky participants were approved to test the device for the price of $1,500, and Andy Boyan, a communication studies professor, was [...]

Women say no to rape culture

It’s easy to see the effects of rape culture in a woman’s day-to-day life if you know what to look for. The signs are everywhere, and they play a role in a lot of decisions women [...]

Pleiad recognized at Leadership Dessert

Yesterday, on April 8, The Pleiad‘s editor-in-chief recognized four student journalists for contributions to the staff at the Sleight Leadership Dessert.  The Albion College office of campus programs and organizations honored student achievement with funding from the Sleight [...]

Opinion: Cruelty-free and beautiful

Animal testing is a topic generally ignored by the cosmetic industry and their consumers. It’s swept under the rug and not talked about, or if it is, it involves companies dancing around the issue. Or slapping [...]

Review: HIMYM series finale

On Monday, March 31, the CBS comedy that many of us know and love came to an end. After nine spectacular seasons that took us through both heartbreaks and laughs, How I Met Your Mother came [...]

Notice: The Pleiad goes Greek

Albion’s student-run newspaper, The Albion Pleiad has a very important announcement to make. As of April 1, 2014, the organization has made the executive decision among members to join the Greek life on campus. The Pleiad plans [...]

Students join the fight against hunger

The first thing that stood out at the Kids Against Hunger packaging event on Saturday, March 29 was the hairnets. Every participant in the Albion College Student Volunteer Bureau’s annual Kids Against Hunger event donned one [...]

Healthy body, healthy mind

Staying healthy. It’s something many college students don’t think about until they’re drowning in dirty tissues and suffering from one of the worst colds they’ve ever had. It can affect our school work, our body and [...]

Personality Profile: Jill McManaman

Extremely kind-hearted and lively, Jill McManaman, Saginaw senior, can be seen working with numerous organizations in Albion, from Greek life to the tour guide program. She puts her heart into everything she does here on campus, [...]

#ReadWomen2014 kicks off with overwhelming support

The Pew Research Center recently released a new report about American reading habits, declaring that more women are reading books than men. The numbers say that 82 percent of women last year read a book, whether [...]