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New Student Senate Executive Board Elected

On Monday, August 31, the first Student Senate meeting of the 2015 fall semester was called to order by Tim Langholz, Forest Hills senior. Langholz opened the meeting by stating the new regulations for the campus [...]

Student Senate releases first student activity fee transparency report

This semester, the Albion College Student Senate Appropriations Committee has released their first bi-annual Student Activity Fee (SAF) Financial Report. The first report outlines the division of funds for various student organizations for the fall 2014 [...]

The Sequester: Michigan pays the price

On March 1, Congress failed the American people. Because of Congress’ inability to act, Americans across the country will now face longer lines at airports and DMVs, reduced availability of Medicare funds and most frighteningly, the [...]

Student Senate Open Forum — Students question Randall at senate meeting

The lecture hall in Norris 101 is not always filled to capacity, but students lined the walls on Tuesday, March 2, during the Student Senate meeting at 9:10 p.m. President Donna Randall, Susan Conner, provost, and college [...]

Donna Randall takes personal pay cut

In addition to the campus-wide measures, Randall has taken a personal step to assist Albion's budget. [...]

Budget put on ice

Albion administrators have instituted a pay and hiring freeze for the next year. Faculty and staff will not receive raises, and any searches for tenure track faculty have stopped, according to president Donna Randall. [...]