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New Trustees, New Insights

The Board of Trustees is an elusive group for most students. Like a sort of secret society, most know nothing of its functions, only that it draws in the most driven alumni. Unlike a secret society, [...]

William Ferguson ’52: “Friend, Leader, Mentor”

Every morning, President Mauri Ditzler walks through the doors of the William C. Ferguson Student, Technology and Administrative Services Building and passes the portrait of the building’s namesake, William Ferguson, a longtime board member and past [...]

Randall steps down as 15th president

Albion College’s President Donna Randall announced March 28 that she would be stepping down form her position. Randall, who became the college’s first female president in 2007, will end her term on June 30, 2013. “After [...]

Breaking News: Board of Trustees changes Faculty Handbook, effective immediately

On March 30, the Board of Trustees (BOT) amended the Faculty Handbook “in all ways necessary to permit the reduction of 15 full time equivalent (FTE) existing faculty positions, which may include tenured faculty positions, by [...]

Faculty Motion — Full text of the March 18 motion sent to the BOT

At the faculty meeting on March 18, the FSC presented a motion to the tenured and tenure-track faculty that, upon its passing, was presented to the Board of Trustees.  The motion was passed with 89 votes [...]

Exclusive News Update — decision made by board of trustees to cut 15 full-time faculty positions

In a press release issued on Feb. 23, Albion College announced that the Board of Trustees voted to eliminate the equivalent of 15 full-time faculty positions, nearly 10 percent of the total faculty. Faculty cuts, including [...]