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All of the Power: Profile on Shane Powers

During one Baldwin’s busiest hours, packed full of hungry students rushing to claim a table, Shane Powers is sighted amidst the crowd. On top of his job as a marketing manager for Baldwin, the Eat Shop, [...]

Midterm Management: How to Get Through Midterms Without Losing Your Mind

It’s one of the most stressful times of the year, and if you google tips on how to survive it, you’re probably going to find the cliche responses: Don’t pull all nighters, don’t play on your [...]

Personality profile: Mary Johnson goes beyond her job to reach out to students

For the past 35 years, first-years, returning seniors, faculty and even alumni from classes past have one thing in common: at one point Albion experience they almost certainly encountered Mary Johnson, the lunch lady who stands [...]

Meal plans expected to change next year

How many times a week do you actually go to Baldwin? Do you utilize the unlimited entry swipes per week that the standard meal plan accounts for? According to David Lauffer, dining services manager for Bon [...]

Creativity: the secret to enjoying Baldwin food

There is no doubt that trips to the college cafeteria become monotonous. Naturally, we start heading straight for our favorite food stations upon entry and suddenly it’s Thursday and we realize we’ve eaten pasta and chocolate [...]

Baldwin staff discusses cafeteria renovations

Baldwin has gone through major changes in the last eight months. While the students seem to have overall positive feelings and are adjusting quickly, Baldwin’s staff are equally critical judges and have been responding well. Mary [...]

Student opinions on Baldwin renovations vary

The renovations in lower Baldwin have frustrated some students, while others are going with the flow. Construction recently began in lower Baldwin, and is scheduled to be finished in the fall. Students have been moved to [...]

Downton Abbey to film season four at Baldwin

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) announced on March 30 that it would be postponing its production of Downton Abbey. Because of the new renovations in Baldwin, where the crew planned to film, season four will not [...]

Temporary dining locations during Renovation

Starting on March 11, when students are on spring break, the renovation of Lower Baldwin will begin. Todd Tekiele, director of auxiliary services, has developed a new meal plan for students. “When students return from spring [...]

Baldwin Transforms — Plans to update and renovate lower Baldwin are in action

Lower Baldwin will be getting a face-lift starting in Spring 2013. Students will be able to enjoy a new eating environment with updated equipment and a modern look. “It will just be the student dining room,” [...]