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Review: HIMYM series finale

On Monday, March 31, the CBS comedy that many of us know and love came to an end. After nine spectacular seasons that took us through both heartbreaks and laughs, How I Met Your Mother came [...]

Opinion: Miley Cyrus sociology course

Starting this summer, Skidmore College, a small, private, liberal arts college in New York, is offering a course titled “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus.” As a sociology major and a pop culture enthusiast, I am thrilled [...]

Review of Divergent

Rich Morgan ’14 If I had to summarize Divergent in a single phrase, I could sum it up thusly: it’s Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Twilight all trying to be 1984, only it’s not very [...]

Best Pandora stations for every occasion

It seems as if everyone is using some form of internet radio these days – everything form 8tracks to Spotify; Pandora to Songza. I oftentimes find that there are so many internet radio stations, I struggle [...]

Less is More set to record first album

A passion for music and a need to play have led to the beginning of quite the journey for Jane Finkel, Mackinac Island senior, and Brian Spencer, ’13 alumnus. Less is More, the name of their [...]

Review of The Lego Movie

Richard Morgan, ’14 The Lego Movie has no right to be as good as it is. Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have once again taken a disappointing prospect and turned it into something remarkable (see [...]

Opinion: Sorority sisters prep for Anchor Splash

Throughout the next week or so, it should come as no surprise if you spot sorority houses lit up at 11 p.m., hear loud music blaring from the Kresge dance studio or see girls (who may [...]

Beatles 50th anniversary on Ed Sullivan

A few weeks ago I was in a rebellious mood, and like I usually do when I’m in a rebellious mood, I did something dangerous. I tweeted. “Three most innovative/important artists since popular music became a [...]

Lessons learned from dorm living

Oh, dorm living: a luxurious college accommodation complete with the confinements of cream-colored walls and wood-painted furniture.  A place where creativity thrives in magazine cutouts, a desperate assortment of posters and, without fail, Christmas lights. Oh, [...]