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The Bohm II: A New Screen

During a visit to the Bohm Theatre, the students of Assistant Professor Andy Boyan’s mass communications class were lucky enough to meet with Executive Director, Nancy Doyal. She grabbed the attention of the class when she [...]

Can He Do It? Trump’s Ultimate Negotiation Test

Trump: I say trade, you say China! Trade! *China!* Trade! *China* Maybe this isn’t exactly how the President-elect’s rallies went down but if you watched the debates, you would think this was the standard roll call [...]

Albion’s 100 Year Anniversary of the Great Migration

As Thanksgiving arrives, Albion will be marking its 100 year anniversary with its role in the Great Migration. The Great Migration was the mass movement of about five million southern blacks to the north and west [...]

Mayor Domingo Reflects on His Time in Office

He was the superintendent of Albion’s streets, parks and cemeteries. She had just moved into town as Albion’s Utilities and Payroll Clerk. Through work they met and later married. Now, Joe Domingo is finishing his eighth [...]

Admissions Changes Could Bring More Students

In October, Albion College announced that an alumni gift would allow for the renovation of the Bonta Admissions Center. The process will begin on Dec. 2 with an initial meeting with architects. After that meeting, admissions [...]

New Student Gym To Open Soon

At Albion College, the place to get a good workout in is at the Dow. There, from the time when classes get out until well into the evening, the building is packed full of students and [...]