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A 20/20 Visual on the Class of 2020

We, the Class of 2019, thought we were the big shots. With over 450 students—25 percent of which were students of color or international—we left Wesley Hall splitting at its seams and left a mark in [...]

Albion Heritage Bed and Breakfast Serves Up Hospitality and Collects Stories

The Albion Heritage Bed and Breakfast has been a familiar face in the Albion community for the past 12 years. Because of its location so close to Albion College’s campus, it is a common spot for [...]

More Books and More

So many new establishments are making their way to Albion. Soon there’ll be a hotel in town, a Taco Bell and more additions to the town. However, in downtown Albion, there’s a “For Sale” sign on [...]

Taco Bell Scheduled to Open This Summer

Right across the street from the ice cream shop Frosty Dan’s, a new restaurant is underway. A Taco Bell is scheduled to open its doors this summer, attracting hungry customers driving past on I-94 and at [...]

Second Big Read Likely to Catch Fire

  Last fall Albion was put under the spell of Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Wizard of Earthsea. Through the National Endowment of the Arts’ Big Read grant, Albion became one of 75 cities to receive [...]

Hillsdale to Close, Albion to Absorb Students

This story was a part of the April Fool’s Edition “The Plebian” and was, in fact, not true. The Pleiad apologizes for any confusion that may have been caused. [...]

Albion Professor Finds Cure for PPD Epidemic

Albion professor Dr. Ronald Drumpf has made a breakthrough discovery that is sure to change college campuses and society alike. Working tirelessly since his tenure began this past summer, Drumpf has recently shared that he has [...]

Kids and Stuff Hosts Easter Egg Hunt

On March 21, the Kids ‘N’ Stuff Children’s Museum downtown hosted their second annual Great Museum Egg Hunt. The free event was open to community families and children ten and under. The building was buzzing with [...]

Senior Athletes: This Isn’t the End

As fall sports come to an end this month, Albion athletes must cope with the blank spaces in their schedules from the absence of practices and games. This lack of activity can be especially devastating because, [...]

Backward Progress

In the plant world, most plants can fall into two different categories: perennials and annuals. As a child my mother, a certified master gardener, tried her darnedest to teach me the difference between the two, and [...]