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My First Kiss Went a Little Like This

By Rachel Barry Kissing is everywhere: that couple next to you on the subway, your parents before they head off to work and your favorite actors on the movie screen. But have you ever wondered, why [...]

My First Time

Albion to Jackson on I-94 is a typical road trip for most students. We find many of our home comforts like Olive Garden, Meijer, Target, Ulta, and Starbucks. Somewhere between Albion and Jackson is the Lion’s [...]

President Ditzler on Borders, Principles and the Need for Meaningful Action

  Guest Piece by President Mauri Ditzler   These are interesting, challenging and confusing days in America. For many, a new administration’s policies have them wondering where they fit into America and concerned about what America [...]

Can He Do It? Trump’s Ultimate Negotiation Test

Trump: I say trade, you say China! Trade! *China!* Trade! *China* Maybe this isn’t exactly how the President-elect’s rallies went down but if you watched the debates, you would think this was the standard roll call [...]

Opinion: I Do Not Mind Differences of Opinion. I Do Mind Hate.

Watching the election was supposed to feel good. I anticipated witnessing a historic event, the way our polls predicted, with our country’s first female President-elect. In disdain, I watched as the map turned from grey to [...]

Faculty Profile: Dr. Bethany Mutter

This school year, 10 academic departments welcomed a total of 12 new professors. Among those is Dr. Bethany Mutter, a communication studies visiting assistant professor. Dr. Mutter got her bachelor’s degree from Stetson University, master’s degree [...]