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Can He Do It? Trump’s Ultimate Negotiation Test

Trump: I say trade, you say China! Trade! *China!* Trade! *China* Maybe this isn’t exactly how the President-elect’s rallies went down but if you watched the debates, you would think this was the standard roll call [...]

Opinion: I Do Not Mind Differences of Opinion. I Do Mind Hate.

Watching the election was supposed to feel good. I anticipated witnessing a historic event, the way our polls predicted, with our country’s first female President-elect. In disdain, I watched as the map turned from grey to [...]

Faculty Profile: Dr. Bethany Mutter

This school year, 10 academic departments welcomed a total of 12 new professors. Among those is Dr. Bethany Mutter, a communication studies visiting assistant professor. Dr. Mutter got her bachelor’s degree from Stetson University, master’s degree [...]

Shuk Is Moving Up and Digging Deep

Not many people can say they are ranked fourth in the country for anything. Monica Shuk, a Milford, Michigan, sophomore, is one of the few who can. Shuk claims a national ranking for the number of [...]

Dom Flemons Wants Americans to Go Back and Fetch Their History

On Thursday, Oct. 6, Grammy-winning musician Dom Flemons participated in Albion’s Big Read by performing two shows, one at Marshall High School and another at the Washington Gardner auditorium in Albion. Flemons was joined by Brian [...]

School Supplies Stolen

Guest Writer – Sadhna Ramanathan On the afternoon of Wednesday, Sept. 21, school supplies to be donated to children in need were stolen from the Kellogg Center. According to Sydney Martin, a metro-Detriot junior and a [...]