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Octavia Crawford-Turner Bestows Albion With Expressive Moments

I slipped through the side door of the Albion Alternative High School, assigned to cover the city’s mayoral candidate forum being held in its cafeteria. At the click of the door, a dozen heads turned toward [...]

Preserving the Albion Wildcats

Every school district has its own points of pride. Whether it’s in the form of displaying student artwork, showcasing the successes of athletic programs or simply creating a school culture, these personal artifacts are what make [...]

Dodge ball tournament to raise money

Need a way to relieve stress? Want to have a good time with your friends? Interested in throwing projectiles at other people?  Come play dodge ball! On Thursday, March 28 in the Albion High School gym, high [...]

Coming to America

When Kieran Lynch, 18, of Dunfermline, Scotland, and Eoghann Stephens, 18, of Portsmouth, England sat in London’s Heathrow airport, they only knew two things about each other: they were about to embark into a year-long foreign [...]