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Opinion: What ‘Up North’ Really Means

My first year at Albion was a whirlwind of new things — a new town, new friends and despite being from Michigan, eight hours from home. Being a Yooper I’d never spent much time “under the [...]

Opinion: I Do Not Mind Differences of Opinion. I Do Mind Hate.

Watching the election was supposed to feel good. I anticipated witnessing a historic event, the way our polls predicted, with our country’s first female President-elect. In disdain, I watched as the map turned from grey to [...]

Opinion: Honoring Our Heroes

My biggest hero has always been my grandma, Emma Marie Burger Mahaney. When I was in second grade, we had to make paper flowers for our grandparents. Having only a grandma, I made her the most [...]

Time to Ditch the Myths – November Is National Diabetes Month

Growing up, I always knew there was something different about several of my family members. They had to prick their fingers multiple times a day, give themselves shots and some had a weird box-like object attached [...]

The Mentoring Program More Than Doubles in Size

Since the revival of the Albion College mentoring program  by Candace Cullens (‘16) last fall, it has more than doubled in size. The mentoring program at Harrington Elementary was originally a part of Sigma Nu’s philanthropy [...]

Opinion: Ten Worst Costumes to Wear This Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, it seems appropriate to talk about some costumes which may be in poor taste to wear out this year. Many people unintentionally wear costumes that promote racism. They simply saw [...]