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New Years Brings New Flooring in the Dow

With the spring semester of 2016 underway, Albion is seeing a lot of new changes: a high number of transfers, a new layer of frost on campus, but most importantly, a new floor in the Dow [...]

Albion men’s basketball team has new expectations

The Albion College Men’s basketball team kicks off their season on Saturday, Nov. 15, and the team’s upperclassmen are thrilled to start and make a name for themselves in the MIAA. After a (14-12) record last [...]

Q&A: Brett de Bear

Brett de Bear, Plymouth senior, is one of the greatest to ever play for the Albion College women’s basketball team. This season alone, she racked up 450 points finishing second in the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association, [...]

Albion College football wins MIAA

The Albion Football team (8-3, 6-0) ended their season last Saturday, November 23, losing to North Central College (12-0,7-0) in the first round of the NCAA playoffs. The Britons had another memorable season, winning the Michigan [...]

Rewards of recruiting

It is difficult to go more than a few days on Albion’s campus without seeing a wide-eyed high school senior walking in stride with an athletic coach or in the midst of a cluster of athletes. [...]

Can you dig it? The women’s volleyball team has started to

The Albion College women’s volleyball team (5-16, 1-11) has seen significant progress in their past two seasons. Head coach Kristin Slamer-de St. Aubin has been the catalyst of the team’s recent growth. “I was planning on [...]

Andy Lawrence: The new face of Albion athletic training

New interim president, new dining hall, new students. To add to the list of “new” this year, we welcome Andy Lawrence, the new head athletic trainer here at Albion. Lawrence joined the Albion staff this summer [...]

College sports injuries enter national spotlight

In the wake of the horrific injury sustained by Louisville’s Kevin Ware during the Elite Eight, the national conversation on college sports injuries has been reignited. Ware’s injury has made the inherent risks of college athletics [...]

Brief: Women’s Lax midnight breakfast a delicious success

Eager students flocked to Upper Baldwin late last Thursday intent to quell the hunger pangs that long study sessions provoke. They were in luck, as the Albion College Women’s lacrosse team hosted their first-ever fundraising Midnight [...]

Athlete diagnosed with MRSA, efforts to stop spread

In January, a student athlete contracted Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and was hospitalized at Oaklawn Hospital after visiting Student Health Services. It is unknown exactly where and when the student contracted the bacteria. “The student athlete [...]