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My experience as a Tigers’ reporter

The room was filled with cameras, journalists eagerly awaiting the answers to their questions, and Tigers representatives trying to stay on schedule. Even though I felt out of place with all of these professional reporters, I [...]

Early signs point to promising season for Tigers

The temperatures have warmed up, the trees are beginning to bud, that annoying bird is chirping outside my window every morning, and the Detroit Tigers are off to the one of the best starts in recent [...]

NHL Trade Deadline Recap

At 3 P.M. on Monday, March 2, the NHL trade deadline hit and officially ended the period of which teams could trade one player for another without players having to clear waivers. Like any other trade [...]

Tigers offseason check-in: Martinez’s surgery successful

While doing strength and conditioning activities a couple of weeks ago, Victor Martinez tore the meniscus in his left knee. Martinez had surgery on Tuesday, February 10 to repair the torn cartilage. Matt Mowery, the Tigers [...]

Soccer teams take England for winter break

The Albion men’s and women’s soccer teams traveled to England during winter break, and got to tour the country, watch professional soccer and the chance to play against English opponents. The players of each team voted [...]

Martin Brodeur retires after 22 NHL seasons

Former New Jersey Devils and St. Louis Blues goalie Martin Brodeur announced his retirement yesterday after 22 NHL seasons, ending his storied career at the age of 42. Brodeur’s 691 wins are the most of any goaltender [...]

Record-setting night for NHL: most goals scored in an All-Star Game

The Columbus Blue Jackets hosted the 2014-2015 NHL All-Star game on Sunday, Jan. 25. The best players from each of the 30 NHL teams were chosen to represent their respective teams, including superstars such as Chicago Blackhawks [...]

Opinion: Fantasy football is way cooler than I expected

It was August and I was preparing to say goodbye to the sunny beaches of Saginaw, once again, as I prepared for another semester at Albion. As I began to make my rounds, saying goodbye to [...]

Opinion: Hockey players are overlooked in America

When people bring up hockey, they often only bring up fighting and Canada. Although hockey was invented in Canada, it has become one of the most popular sports across all of the Northern Hemisphere — or [...]

Photos: Albion blows out Aurora 62-13 in last home game of season

On Saturday, November 15th, the Britons braved the cold to pull out a big win against Aurora for the home crowd.  Check out the photos below. [...]