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Opinion: Get the Shot

Each year as flu season rolls around, I’m hesitant to go to my classes. With so many of my peers coughing, sneezing and just being generally sick in classes, it’s something I wish I could avoid. [...]

Opinion: Allowing Alumni to Slip Through the Cracks

When it comes to networking, college students are open to any resources that will help them find a job after they graduate or help them gain new knowledge in their field. A lot of times this [...]

Opinion: Take a Knee

Two years ago, watching my first collegiate football game as part of the marching band, I was shocked when someone among us yelled for us to sit down. I looked around, confused at why we needed [...]

Opinion: Trump Steps Over the Line at Second Debate

Heading into the presidential town hall on Sunday, the American people and the world at large did not know what to expect from the two leading candidates. With polls consistently showing that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary [...]

Opinion: Stop Clownin’ Around

Clowns can be a spitting images of terror for many people. They drive fear straight into the heart, and even the mere mention of the word “clown” sends some running. This is particularly problematic as reports [...]

Opinion: Celebrate Humanity, Not a Monster, This Oct. 10

Invader, enslaver, mutilator. Rapist and terrorist. On the second Monday of every October, we celebrate Christopher Columbus’ finest qualities.     In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue and left North America’s soil stained red. When he [...]