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President West? I Ain’t Saying He’s a Vote Winner

Oh sweet Yeezus. Kayne for president? And—more alarming—Kim Kardashian as the first lady? Two months ago, West left MTV’s “Video Music Awards (“VMAs”)” with a Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in his hand and a slack-jawed [...]

Finding Positive Energy During Your College Years

This week I did not receive a specific question, so I’m deciding to write about something I feel is extremely relevant to college students and people in general—cutting negativity out of your lives. My inspiration behind [...]

Caught in a Love Triangle? Here’s What You Do…

Dear Kit, What do you do if you like two guys in the same fraternity? Just about 1,300 students attend Albion, so naturally there’s an extremely small dating pool. Things like this are going to happen. [...]

Albion College Students Could Help Save the District Library

Guest Post by Olivia Rose The Albion District Library (ADL) has served as a vital piece of the Albion community since becoming a district library in 2007. The library board and faculty have pushed to provide [...]

Advice Column: What to Do When Someone Flirts with Your Significant Other

Dear Kit, This girl always flirts with my boyfriend in front of me and I hate it…how can I get her to stop? Okay, so I’m sure what you really want to do is lash out, [...]

A Hunter’s Opinion on Gun Control

I grew up in a small northern Michigan town where people shoot cans for sport. At school, it was normal for the hallways and classrooms to be empty on Nov. 15, because the opening day of [...]

In Remembrance of Julian Bond

It’s 1968 and the Democratic National Convention just shook the political and social fixtures of American society. Julian Bond became the first African-American man to be nominated for vice president of the United States. Protestors and [...]

Advice Column: Roommate problems, Loving Yourself and One-Night Stands

I don’t know my roommate and she doesn’t really talk. It’s so awkward in the room whenever we are together. What do I do? Truth is, your college roommate isn’t always your best friend. The first [...]

Five tips to have the best Briton Bash experience

After classes this Wednesday, laying in your twin xl with the sheets peeling off of the corners probably seems more appealing than weaving through madness on the quad, but this is an event you don’t want [...]

My Experience as a Tigers’ reporter

The room was filled with cameras, journalists eagerly awaiting the answers to their questions, and Tigers representatives trying to stay on schedule. Even though I felt out of place with all of these professional reporters, I [...]