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First-Year You vs. Senior You

Two days after I moved into my final room at Albion College, I received a Timehop notification which took me to a photo my mother posted on Facebook three years ago. It was a picture of [...]

Shadowhunters: Is Second Time the Charm?

Guest Post by Katherine Buzan  After the release of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in 2013, I felt slightly worried when I saw they decided to produce another adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s book series, The [...]

Editor’s Farewell

My time here might be slightly different than some students. Just a four short semesters ago I was walking the halls of Vulgamore, trying to find my first class and praying that I made the right [...]

Albion Shield? No Thank You

I swear I was just moving into Wesley Hall, making friends across the hall, sharing a community bathroom and making that extra far walk from one of the furthest places on campus. Nevertheless, four years have [...]

Why Straws Suck

As I sit at a restaurant with my family, the waitress sets down our drink order and drops a straw next to each cup. “No thanks,” I say sliding the straw back towards her. Most of [...]

From 1996 to 2016: Pokemon Through the Years

When our generations were younger, there was likely a common word floating around the playground. It was a word that gave us a rush of excitement as we pulled out either a deck of cards or [...]

Former Study Abroad Student Reflects on Brussels, Remembers Paris

This morning, terrorists set off three explosions in Brussels. Two went of in the city’s metro airport and one at the nearby Maelbeek subway station. Just four months ago, on November 13, Paris was victimized by [...]

A Farewell to Kings: Remembering Rush

Four years ago, I sat in the packed Palace of Auburn Hills, waiting for its three kings to arrive. After years of waiting, I finally had the chance to see the philosophers of rock, the greatest [...]

Why America Needs Tapas

On a college campus, students are quick to suggest that life in other countries is far better than life in America. I hear it all the time, whether it’s about healthcare or gun control. While I [...]

Patience in Produce

Post by Evan Rieth As a child, I was never too fond of my veggies. Much to my mother’s dismay, when offered a plate of particularly (then) repulsive vegetables, I would spin them around on my [...]